Wednesday, February 3, 2010

World Wetlands Day

WWD was celebrated actually yesterday, as it is every year on the second day of a second month. We celebrated it on Sunday going on a short walk (about 8 kilometers) along the Mura river. Around 400 people gathered there. It was a pleasant walk in a pleasant company of friends. Here are some photos I took that day:And here are a couple of photos from our Monday morning walk, also taken on the plains where river Mura runs. From that bridge on the first photo I saw a White-tailed Eagle, for the first time in my life. What a bird! A couple of this kind of eagles stay together for their whole life.

Karma for today from my little booklet: Enjoy something when it presents itself, but don't crave it when it is not there.


Feronia said...

A lovely thought, Pina - but sometimes hard to achieve!

Pina said...

I agree with you, Emily. But written black on white reminds me more often to follow this simple thought.