Thursday, March 25, 2010

Music, my music

Some time ago one of you asked me: "What kind of music do you listen to?"

Well, I have already told you that I don't listen to jazz. No matter how hard I try, I don't like it. I probably never will. When I was in my twenties, my favorites were The Cure and The Pixies. At that time I listened also to The Psychedelic Furs, and I was at the concert of such unknown group (in Slovenia) as it is Alice Donut. Coming back from my travels around Europe in 1994, 10000 maniacs were playing on my CD player day and night.

When May is rushing over you
with desire to be part of the miracles
you see in every hour.
You'll know it's true
that you are blessed and lucky.
It's true that you are touched by something
that will grow and bloom in you.

I experienced a miracle, and I felt blessed and lucky as never before and never after.

In my teens I listened to A-ha, Depeche Mode and Pet Shop Boys. I grew up with Abba, The Beatles and Kenny Rogers. I love(d) country music (American, not Slovenian). I have never been fond of Slovenian music, although I am starting to like it. I like 42 by Tabu, and Vsak je sam by Alenka Godec. And guess what, lately I have been singing along with this one (Čebelar), too... It seems that I am really getting old. Or with other words - different people, different times.

If I switch on my radio, I love to hear Foot of the Mountain by A-ha, If a song could get me you by Marit Larsen, songs by Keane. The other day at the party there was (hard) rock music that I have never heard before, but just loved it.

I have always liked classical music; my favorite is Canon by Pachelbel. And Bach. Air. And many others. I have kind of neglected this kind of music lately.

No doubt that you probably already know: I LOVE the soundtrack of Dances with wolves. My favorite music of all times. I would love to hear it alive once.

More than enough for this time, right? And although I don't like jazz, I like Africa by Perpetuum Jazzile. Take time to listen to it, you won't be sorry.

P.s.: I hope that all those links work...

Karma for today: Give second chances.

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Feronia said...

I think we were almost listening to the same music at the same time during the 80s and 90s, Pina! And I agree - I don't like jazz either!!