Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Wow, I haven't been here for almost ten days! And in the meantime spring has sneaked into the land. It smells of spring, it feels like spring. Easter time is almost here, shops are full of colorful things. I have been working hard these past days, and the result is almost there! This is a sneak peak into a magazine that is yet to be published:It will be on my desk next week! Whoo hoo!

Yesterday I was on a walk after a long, long time and I was amazed at seeing frog-spawn all around and common stonechats singing like mad from almost every bush. The landscape is still dull and brown, but I could feel and see the life all around. Wonderful!

I am a bit tired after working long hours every day, and I do hope to take a few days off soon, maybe to write a post or two as well. Or read a good book, make a plan how to plant my vegetable beds this season or try to save a frog or two when they try to cross a road. Who knows! Enjoy your spring!

Karma for today: Go out and look at the stars to put things in perspective.


Kenamojca said...

Lušna karma. Jo že nekaj dni poskušam realizirat, morda pa mi bo uspelo danes. Če bi vmes nabrala še regrat, bi bilo pa sploh fajn. Sicer pa tudi pri meni zelo delavno te dni.

Feronia said...

Glad Spring is starting to make itself known to you, Pina!

Pina said...

Samo zvezd ni bilo včeraj, vsaj pri nas ne... Pridna bodi. :)

Spring - I just love it! Green is my color. :)