Monday, April 12, 2010

In green

I needed two weeks to start working normally again. It was a peaceful time for me, and I wish there were more days like these. I went running a couple of times, which is a good start of this season. I hope that April weather will permit me to run more often.I spent this weekend among my friends and birds. I started taking photos again, which certainly means that the spring is here. In the SE part of Slovenia trees are getting their green color, while here where I live, the consequences of long winter with lots of snow are quite obvious. You can guess yourselves where the photos I am posting today have been taken. :)My schedule is rather full for the next three weeks, I hope I will have some time to write a few posts and let you know how beautiful is spring this year. I know already that the end of May and whole June will be rather stressful again.

Karma for today: We only have power over our own lives.


Feronia said...

Beautiful photos as always, Pina. Lovely blossoms.

paperseed said...

That top photo looks like something out of a fairytale!

Pina said...

It felt a bit like being in a fairytale. :)