Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Surprise in my mailbox

It is wonderful when I receive something else than just bills and advertisements in my mailbox. Yesterday there was a plain white envelope waiting for me among all the other papers. It looked promising and it was indeed! Thank you, Emily! I received so many goodies! :)The photo of the beautiful felt magnets I received is not as good as the one Emily posted on her blog, but they sure serve the purpose well, as you can see on my photo. They are actually brown color. I was thinking of making some by myself, but I am not sure if adhesive magnet is sold in our shops. So, it's time to check it out!


Feronia said...

They're gorgeous!

paperseed said...

I'm so glad you like them Pina! The swap package you sent last year remains the most wonderful one I have ever received, and ever since then I new I wanted to follow-up with one more thing. I feel relief now that they've found a good home. :-)

Pina said...

Everyone likes them! :) Thank you, Emily.