Monday, May 17, 2010

Rainy days

"You can dance with life," he said. "You can play with it. But you must always hold it lightly. If you squeeze, it rebels. If you get scared, it will hurt you. If you squeeze desperately hard, you'll kill it."

~Win Blevins: Stone song~

It kept raining. I left my camera at home, holding umbrella in my hands instead. This weekend we celebrated First Holy Communion of Ž's niece. I have to admit that these things are not close to me, and at the same time it is interesting that when I was asking people who go to church and are believers about this celebration, they have actually never thought about the meaning of the celebration as such. So, this is what I gave Ž's niece as a gift for this occasion:As most of the kids, she was the happiest when receiving money...

I wanted to work in a garden on Friday, but the soil was soaked with water, so I keep hoping that a week ahead will be drier. There's still some work to be done, I will show you some photos later this month when I have something to show at all. I am a little late, like always. Slugs eat most of what I plant anyway.

Karma for today: Work without complaining. (I wish I could. I'm trying hard. :) If I could live without complaining it would be my life's victory.)

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Feronia said...

Wish I could live without complaining too :)