Friday, June 18, 2010

Robin who?

My friend is off to California with her family this weekend. Safe and happy journey! I hope to see those giant trees once, too. We met for an ice cream yesterday and after that I checked what was playing in the movies. Well, the truth is that I wanted to see Robin Hood, and it was still playing. I haven't seen so much violence lately; if I remember correctly, The Lord of the Rings was the last violent movie that I saw. Life in the 12th century wasn't easy, I imagine. I can't say that I enjoyed in the story as much as I did watching Julia & Julie or Slumdog Millionaire, but it did lift my spirits. One of the treasures I have at home is my bow; I think I told you that before. So, maybe it is time to bend it again and shoot some arrows in the nearest target. Maybe.

There are certain interests that haven't disappeared from my consciousness since my childhood. Archery, Native Americans, mathematics, flowers. After all, also climbing trees, if I had a tree nearby to climb. Reading books. When I was in my teens, I read Robin Hood. I cried at the end of a story when he died. Well, this movie is different. You've heard this before, I assume. :)

On Wednesday I spent an evening with my parents. Actually, I watched a movie at their house by coincidence. After it was over and I was putting my shoes on, my dad shouted from his room: »Why don't you get yourself a TV?« My answer was simple: »If I want to watch something, I come to your house. And after all, I'm sure I would spend too much of my life behind the screen.« Sometimes people forget living their lives, spending so much time watching TV. Well, in a way this is their life. They do know everything about politics and accidents and who killed who, but do they have their own (hopefully happy) stories to share?

Karma for today: Let others have their own beliefs.


Mojca said...

Nice post.
Se strinjam, ne rabiš televizije. Preveč buljimo v ekrane in pozabljamo kdo smo. Tega pri tebi ne opazim. Razmišljaš s svojo glavo. Jaz pa preveč z vsemi ostalimi. Ko berem tvoj blog, večkrat vprašam - kaj pa jaz mislim o tem? In vse prevečkrat je odgovor: ne vem. Nimam časa razmišljati.
Tnx for everything.

Feronia said...

I wanted to see Robin Hood...I should make the effort to go to the cinema. It's true, you can start to live your life through the tv. I try to limit what I watch to stuff I really want to see not just mindless junk that is on in the background like white noise.