Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Garden pleasures

Mountains haven't really called me this year and I am still waiting for some hot summer days when I will disappear for a day or two to the coast. I am taking my life easy now, resting, reading books, cooking every day, enjoying what each day brings. I know that by the end of August tempo of life will increase to enormous speed again. Magazine no. 3 will have to be finished by the end of September, and I hope that all will go well.At the beginning of this year's garden season I promised myself to keep it well maintained and as much as possible without weeds. I have done most of the work in the garden myself this year, and I am quite happy with the result. Lately we've been eating lots of carrots (mice as well) and red beets from mine, beans and zucchinis from mom's garden. I have given paprika to my grandmom, as I am not a fan of it. I also use lots of herbs, though this season probably spring was too wet, so basil, parsley and tarragon are growing very slowly.The other day I tried to make zucchini rolls... Well, I added too much lemon juice and sage; though once they cooled they were much better. Today I will try to make noodles with red beet from the cook book published by Buxs vegetarian restaurant (in German only).I love summer. And birthday bouquets I receive from mom from her garden, too. :)


Piščanček said...

Saj se menda nisi v zadnjem času pritoževala nad svojim vrtom? Fantastično izgleda!!! In gotove jedi prav tako :-)

paperseed said...

Happy birthday Pina. Your garden looks lovely and your zucchini rolls I've never seen. Good luck with the new recipe. How many languages do you know anyway?

Feronia said...

Summer looks lovely in your part of the world. Happy Birthday Pina!

Mojca said...

Sem te že malo pogrešala. Tudi jaz uživam te dni v kuhanju sveže zelenjave z vrta. Sicer ne svojega, pa vseeno se ne morem pritoževati nad dobavitelji. Moj bratec, pa prjatli iz Makedonije,.. pa še kaj od branjevke z morja. Aaaa, spet sem lačna!
Ta teden so bile na vrsti tople kumare, pa juha iz stročjega fižola, pa solata iz stročjega fižola, pohana jabolka, in veliko solate... obožujem tale letni čas!

Pina said...

Piščanček, a sem se pritoževala? Hm, mogoče po predzadnjem dežju, ko je bilo tam veliko plevela. :) Vem, da tudi ti ustvarjaš fantastične zadeve, samo skrivaš jih pred našimi očmi... Kdaj boš začela pisat blog? :D

Thanks for birthday wishes, gals. :) Actually I celebrated it on 19th, that's why I drove to the coast to enjoy the day. Unfortunately nobody had time to join me... :/

Languages: I speak English quite fluently, I understand (some) German, but almost never speak it, the same is with Croatian and Serbian language. And of course, I speak Slovenian. :)
I am still at the first lesson (ja, Mojca, res je!) of learning Italian by myself. Once I tried Spanish, but I quit at about third lesson... So, lots of plans, but it seems that I am not a persevering person at all... :/

Mojčka, jest tud tebe mal pogrešam. :) Si kr tih... Ni čudn, ko tko dobr ješ. :D
O ja, tudi jaz obožujem poletje! Ampak, kdo je ugasnil pečko?