Friday, August 6, 2010

Bird nest

This spring Ž placed a nestbox next to our sleeping room. I noticed a while after that some bird is making a nest in it. Later a Tree Sparrow was singing on a shelf of the window. And then everything was quiet. I found Sparrow feathers on a grass below, so one of them was obviously eaten by a cat or by an Eurasian Sparrowhawk, as there's one living somewhere near.The other day I opened the nestbox. It wasn't a pleasant moment for me, because I was sure I would find dead young birds in it. But it wasn't so. I found a perfect nest made by one of the Tits, not Sparrows. Unused. It was made of moss (that green stuff you can see on a photo), feathers and hair. Very, very soft. I will leave it as it is, because sometimes birds sleep in nestboxes during the winter time, but I will clean it in February or March. Maybe next year we will have some youngsters singing their songs around the house. At least I hope so.

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Feronia said...

Birds singing outside your bedroom window...lovely :)