Thursday, August 12, 2010

Night sky

Unfortunately I don't have such good camera that I could show you what I've been watching on an evening sky for the last few days. At this time of a year we (at least here in Europe) have a chance to watch conjunction of three planets - Venus, Mars and Saturn. So, at about 9:30 pm it gets dark enough, and I can set up a telescope (for birdwatching) on the balcony and start watching. It is interesting that only half of Venus can be seen, but Saturn rings can be quite easily observed. Mars can be seen as a red spot. With a naked eye you can see bright and large Venus, and two very small planets above it, Mars on its left and Saturn on its right. Jupiter rises later in the evening on the eastern horizon, usually when I dream my sweetest dreams. :) As it is opposite Saturn, it is possible to watch it when Saturn goes down over the horizon.

And tonight is a special night, like it is every year. Around midnight you might see one of the shooting stars, if you look up in the sky. There will be around 70 per hour, so it is worth looking up for a few minutes. I saw two yesterday at around ten, right above me. Though, I am rather skeptical that the wishes come true. At least those that I wished for last year, didn't.

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Feronia said...

I love stargazing too :)