Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I took some photos this Sunday for an article I wrote, and one of them was also this one:Colors are coming back into our land, after kind of a boring month of plain dark green and brown scenery. And it stopped raining! It's still quite warm during the day, which makes life much better. Nothing is edible in my garden anymore, the vegetables are soaked with all sorts of dirt (not just mud, but also oil, manure, just name it...). Life is getting back to normal, if I can call it so. I hope that by Christmas my home will be home (again?), as now it is just a pit stop for the night. Events like this recent flood clearly show me, how much my home means to me. Home, sweet home.

Karma for today: Touch without grasping.

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Feronia said...

Beautiful photo - lovely colours. Yes, I hope your home is sorted out soon, Pina :)