Monday, October 4, 2010

Colors, part 2

The other day I was wondering, which is my favorite color at this moment. I didn't have to wait long for an answer, because the next day, when I was driving to work, I saw a girl, wearing dark blue sweater and dark blue jeans. I knew it immediately that blue is my favorite color this season. I am rather fed up seeing violet clothes in the shops over and over again. Eventually they will have to say goodbye, won't they? Though, there's not much blue on my photos lately. :) It is just that I noticed that people are a bit blue at this time of a year. At least this year it feels so. (Photo was taken in Vipava, when Ž and I were trying to spot as many birds as possible in half a day.)


Feronia said...

I like blue too, but I also like violet. That yellow on the building reminds me of the yellow they use in Austria.

Pina said...

Well, Slovenia used to be part of Austria (+Hungary), although I would expect Italian influence in this town as it was part of Italy in between both World wars. My grandmom was born as an Italian citizen due to this.