Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Farewell Summer

Yesterday I had to switch the heating on, it was too cold for me. Rain and cold. 15 degrees C right now and lots of rain. Well, I thought of going to the mountains and saying goodbye to them until the next year, but I am afraid I will move to another direction this weekend - seaside - with some hope that the figs won't rot too quickly after all this rain and cold. Maybe also walk in the woods will do, I was told that there would be mushrooms growing there. After all this cold? Maybe I will take part in a run race, like last year... Who knows!

Though, such rainy weather is perfect for doing some housework, baking, reading or at least writing an article or two. I hope I will be creative this afternoon, just a little bit. Sooner or later I will have to be.

Karma for today: If you have begrudged, forgive. If you have torn down, repair. If you have injured, heal. If you have judged, pardon. If you have grasped, let go.


Feronia said...

Sounds like you've got a good weekend lined up, Pina :)

Mojca said...

Ja, tudi hladni jesenski dnevi imajo svoj čar.
Jaz sem ta teden naredila slivov pekmez, pa nekaj marmelade in slastne slivove cmoke. Pa za povrhu še pirin narastek s slivami :) Njamsi.
Na žalost pa sem izgleda dobila alergijo na moje najljubše sadje: fige. :( Težko se jim bo upreti.

Pina said...

:) Yes, these are plans, but I might just stay at home and do nothing.

Fige... bo treba na trg ponje, če jih bom hotela kaj jest. Si pa res pridna! A si pirin narastek naredila tako kot riževega?

Mojca said...

Malo sem priredila tale recept .
V blender sem dala sveže kuhano celo piro, skupaj z ostalimi sestavinami; nič pirine moke. In ko je bilo na pol pečeno, po vrhu še slive. Peklo se je pa počasi, kako uro in pol na 170C, ker je bila masa precej redka.

Pina said...

Jaz bi samo jedla, nič pekla. :)