Monday, September 27, 2010

I lost a smile on my face

Once again the same story. Once again there's water below the floor in my house. Once again I will be living like a nomad in my own home. I keep asking myself, what have I done to deserve this? Everything happens for a reason, they say, but I just don't understand, what this reason might be. Why? Should I move and leave everything behind? Is this the message I have to receive? I wish I knew. Bad things keep happening to me for the last three years and it seems it is not over yet. I admit, I am fed up with this life. But there's always just a little hope left in spite of all this mysery, right? Universe is still unfolding as it should.

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Feronia said...

How very frustrating for you, Pina. I'm sorry that that's happened. Sometimes things happen for a reason and sometimes they just happen. Hope the problem is resolved soon. What is the next step with the floor?