Thursday, October 21, 2010

Foggy days

Not much has been happening in my life lately. Apart from this that I was ill whole week, that someone crashed my car when I was driving home from funeral (only rear side mirror broken, fortunately), that I burned my hand next day. I noticed that when I try to sort out things out, I always have to make at least two phone calls... Always repeating the things over and over again. Like yesterday - I was happily driving home with a new mirror on my car (which was not the original, btw, so they couldn't paint it; and I felt like Pippi Longstocking, one mirror was silver, the other one black), and then I noticed that it was shaking while I was driving. I turned around and drove back to the car service. So, now I have to wait a couple of days when hopefully I will get what I need - a painted rear side mirror.I just wonder - why couldn't I get it immediately, so that everything would be sorted out at once? And such things keep happening to me lately all the time. What do I have to learn? To be patient and except that it will never be easy like it should be?

I thought of sharing with you a photo of apple cakes I made yesterday in the evening, but Ž came home very hungry... :)

Karma for today: Learn to wait; once you can wait, you can do almost anything.

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Feronia said...

Hope your luck turns around soon, Pina!