Friday, October 22, 2010

Beauty & fun

This morning we've been singing in the office. The same song over and over again. My favorite at the moment. Tiste lepe dni by Neisha. Those beautiful days... How do we yearn for some things that are gone forever...

I think it was about ten years ago when a colleague asked me and B to attend a TV quiz (Newlyweds). We did and we won (a trip to Jamaica, btw). Before stepping in front of the cameras I was completely changed by a make-up stylist (or however these people are called). When B saw me, he didn't like me at all. He even didn't want to kiss me, he was so much rejected by the smell of the cosmetics. My mom thought I looked great. Though, that wasn't me. I have never used any cosmetics since then. Though, the other day I thought of using it again. So, this ended in my shopping cart yesterday: Just in case. Usually I need such things for the Carnival.

Speaking of beauty, I thought also of an event that happened two weeks ago. I thought of sharing this with you last Monday, but you know what happened then... So, to make the long story short, that Friday I was invited to join our wolf-howling group in the evening. And I did, together with Ž. The meeting was in a lovely place, actually a local club, full of medieval armor and paintings. In the back room there were billiard and football tables and in the garage was a place for archery, full of bows and arrows. We baked chestnuts, drank wine and elderberry syrup. And we talked about wolves, of course. And about Native Americans, bows, armor, books, nature... I was so happy to be among people who liked the same things as me.

All the time Resian folk music was playing. At some point I thought of trying to play billiard (the second time in my life!), so others slowly joined me in the back room, and showed me how to play it properly. Later I danced around the rooms, checking the armor and paintings on the walls. Resian folk music is funny, but I doubt I could listen to it all day long. So, one of the guys thought of teaching me the basic steps of the Resian dance. It was great fun!When we were leaving, I said: "I haven't had such great time in a long time!" And that guy who taught me how to dance answered: "What kind of life do you have then?"

Karma for today: Be good-natured.


Mojca said...

Krasen post.
Baj d'vej: a niso sivi in črno-beli odtenki rezervirani zame? Si me pa res presenetila z barvo senčila!!!

Pina said...

:) Bela s sivo krasno paše na moje očke. No, itak bi rabila kakšno učno uro, kako sploh zgledaš ok s takšnimi zadevami na obrazu... Mogoče kdaj pridejo še druge barve na vrsto, recimo za pusta. :)))