Friday, October 29, 2010

New things

Sometimes when I go to the bookstore, I just browse through the books and don't buy anything. We would need new bookshelves first, I guess, but I couldn't resist yesterday, and I bought three new books. One is about mushrooms, the other one about alpine plants and the third one is Natural History by Pliny the Elder. Actually there are only selected chapters published in this book and half of it is in Latin (a pity, I would rather have more translated chapters instead). I first read about Pliny in a book about eruption of Mount Vesuvius. I wouldn't mind visiting Pompeii one day. So, I had lots of fun reading the chapter about the birds yesterday. In that time it was believed that cuckoos become birds of prey in autumn (when they migrate to Africa)...So, I also took some photos of Ž's collection of seeds. Some of them are by trees that are not native to Europe, like Dawn Redwood or Canadian Hemlock.Well, I also have to admit that I spent some money on rubber stamps yesterday. :) Love them!

Have a great weekend! (I though all day long that it was Wednesday yesterday...)


Feronia said...

Gorgeous looking books & I love the stamps! Happy reading :)

Mojca said...

Krasen izbor knjig. :)