Friday, November 5, 2010


Contact with nature is a necessary part of being human. Encounters with nature can fill you with wonder, engage all the senses and make you feel more alive.
~ Nicola Chester ~
Zarja and Zora are two girl's names (the first one is more common, especially in the last years), but both words, zarja and zora also describe the beautiful morning light. Usually this light (if it is really beautiful) means that bad weather is approaching, in opposite to afterglow which is the herald of good weather. This is how the sky looked this morning: As yesterday in the evening the sky was glowing in red, I suppose that there are at least a couple of days of sunny (or foggy in Ljubljana) days ahead of us. Enjoy them!


Bodecea said...

Interesting what you said about the names; I know "Zora" from a German series:

There she is a girl who is the leader of a gang of outsider kids in the 1940ties.

"Rote Zora" was one of my nicknames in school because of my red hair.


Feronia said...

They're beautiful names, actually. I wonder if the name 'Zara' has its origins here? Lovely photo too :)