Monday, October 25, 2010


Cold days are coming into our land, mountains are already covered by snow. Finally I mowed grass, probably the last time in this season. When it stops raining, I will clean all that rotten vegetables away from the garden beds. We won't use them for compost next year, they are too filthy from the floods. Pots have to be cleaned and stored in the attic, some shrubs planted in the garden. Ž placed bird house on the fence and first black tits have already found the seeds in it. In 14 days trees will be leafless. No colors from November until April... boring. But, there are other things that we will be doing during this time. I suppose it is time to be a bit creative and hopefully my home will become home until spring. Weekend was kind of boring, although I spent Saturday in arboretum collecting seeds and on Sunday I went up one of the hills near my home. Though, colors were magnificent. And I came home with pockets full of seeds and leaves. Seeds were for Ž's collection and leaves were for me.

Karma for today: One thing completed is worth ten things on hold.

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Feronia said...

Beautiful photos! You're lucky to have an arboretum nearby. I remember we went to the one in St Paul (Minnesota) when we were there and it was *so* beautiful.