Monday, December 13, 2010

Among young people

This weekend was surprisingly pleasant. I expected little from the planned events, but eventually everything else that was not planned and came along, was good. I was with a group of youngsters that we meet from time to time to do good things for birds, and people. By coincidence mother of one of them was present and she taught me how to braid a wreath from straw. It is easy, and I enjoyed myself braiding my first straw wrath... Later in the evening I met another group of youngsters, and we ended up in a local club. We played billiard again, and it was great fun. This time I managed to hit more balls than the last time I had played it. I thought about the events later in bed and I found out that I like to play different sorts of games, and just hanging in a pub for nothing (i.e. getting drunk) is not something that I like.

Sunday was sunny and somehow warm. Ž and I went for a walk and I even took some photos of the plains near Ž's home, although the scenery was kind of boring and dull. Winter is on its way for sure, temperature this morning was -5 degrees C. Time for coziness, friends and family. Shopping can wait; we have agreed on small gifts this year, anyway.

So, there are less than 14 days until Christmas; I hope that life will be better than on most days this year. One of those years that I would rather delete from my life if I could.

Karma for today: Savor the fleeting delights of the day.


TIKA said...

I hope you'll have realy nice time this December. What a lovely snowflake stamps you have!

Pina said...

Štampiljke so iz Konzorcija... :)