Friday, December 24, 2010

These days before Christmas...

... were very busy. I finished editing my last issue of the magazine, and I am very happy about this. I hope some less stressful days will follow in the next few months. It is not easy to work on so specialized magazine in a country with only about two million inhabitants (and only a bunch of ornithologists).

We had lots of snow and now it keeps raining again. I wish I could move to some sunnier and drier part of the world for some time in this moment...

I also did my first bird count this winter. I am happy that I've been trusted to carry this out by myself... This means that I have learned something in these past years, but the most important fact about this is that I am able to do good things for nature by myself.

Some more photos from my folders taken in December:

Dried persimmon and present I received for St. Nicholas Day:

Interesting number in my car on a way to work in the morning:

Kaj trying to catch the last sun rays when it was -10 degrees C outside:

And finally, knitting my first pair of socks yesterday (well, I will try to finish them in the next days that come). Knitting organized by Kaaita:

I wish you a peaceful Christmas and some happy days that follow. I will be behind the screen again in January. Have a happy New Year!


Piščanček said...

Principessa, vsel božič!

Feronia said...

Best wishes for Christmas and 2011, Pina! What sort of bird left those tracks?

Pina said...

Hvala, Pišče, in za vsa darila tudi. Krasna sovica! :)

Feronia, probably it was the Common Moorhen walking there before me. :)