Thursday, December 2, 2010

New book

Ž was waiting in a line at the post office and I browsed through the selection of products offered for sale. Cook books were there, too. So, I was amazed at the low price of this one on the picture, as usually books are quite expensive in Slovenia. Mmm, nice pictures and mostly simple recipes. I might try to bake some cookies over the weekend. It is my name day on Saturday and Saint Nicholas will be leaving gifts in our homes on Sunday evening. Holiday time has begun, and I like it. It gets cozy these days at home and people seem to be happier.

Karma for today: You create your reality with your thoughts and intentions.


Feronia said...

They often have quite good books at the post offices here too. Do you get presents for your saint's day?

Pina said...

Well, in my family we give each other only sweets and dried fruit on the eve of St. Nicholas day. I think it is a nice tradition. We exchange presents for Christmas.

Feronia said...

Sounds lovely!