Friday, December 3, 2010

Beautiful men

In the last years I keep noticing that most men models in magazines have become ugly. At least for me. At the beginning of November I walked through the city center and noticed a large panel with a men model picture on it. I forgot to take a photo to show this guy to you, but I thought he was beautiful, in spite of serious expression on his face. Today I was browsing through National Geographic photos and this one caught my eye:@Yiwen Ren

Beautiful? Yes, for me for sure. That man in the back could easily end on my list of the most beautiful men I ever saw in my life. Maybe it is just his smile and the colors of his clothes that I like so much... :)

Karma for today: Smile!

1 comment:

paperseed said...

I agree, with that smile he is quite attractive. And it is no surprise that you'd like someone with some exoticness!