Wednesday, January 26, 2011


There was so much to do at work that I had no time to live my life. At least it seemed so. Actually I was out a lot, counting birds. The season has started... Although, I wish that life would slow down. At least just a bit. So, here are a few photos I took lately.

I can hardly wait that it gets warmer.

I can hardly wait to see green leaves on the trees again. I miss those days when slide door leading to the backyard can be opened all day long. But... we have new neighbors. It seems that life will change a bit. Obviously we will need curtains. Unfortunately.

Have a good day.


paperseed said...

What a neat photo of that lovely place perched on the rock outcropping. I wonder if it would be as nice to live there as it looks.

Feronia said...

It all looks so pretty!

Pina said...

The valley where that picture with the green water was taken is rather narrow, so there's not much sun shining during the day. I guess that one wouldn't get a permit to build a house there anyway.
If you ever come to Slovenia, I will take you to that valley. :)

Do you know that one of the filming locations for The Chronicles of Narnia was also in Slovenia (in the river Soča region - if you ever wondered where that beautiful blue river is)?

Feronia said...

There were some magical locations in that film!