Monday, January 31, 2011

Preparing for spring

No, I wasn't planting any seeds or something like that, I bought some arrows to have some fun in spring. I wonder if owning bow and arrows is legal in Slovenia, because believe me, these arrows can be fatal for a man... Weekend was nice. We didn't hear or see any jackals on Friday, I spent some nice time strolling through one of the cities in Slovenia, I also spent lots of money on wool, helped with some woodwork, met lots of friends and finally fell very tired into my bed at home.

Home, sweet home.


paperseed said...

Neat! They look quite well made. Chloe's cousin was learning to use a bow and arrow over Christmas, and he was really enjoying it.

Emily said...

What will you do with the arrows, Pina? Are you an archer?

Pina said...

:) I also enjoy archery a lot! It is good for arm muscles. ;)

In spring I will place a target somewhere near my home and wipe the dust off my bow... and then... let's the fun begin!