Monday, January 10, 2011

Through the night

I have always wondered why men sleep in their underwear. It was so funny this morning to see my neighbor walking around in his underwear when he woke up in the morning... Though, I know of one, only one man who sleeps in his pajamas... well, actually he sleeps in his nightgown. :)

Once upon a time, almost exactly 15 years ago, we were both standing next to the van we rented, on a parking place by one of those solitary roads that cross New Zealand. We placed the camera to take a photo of us, me in pajamas, he in nightgown. I tell you, I have to laugh every time I remember this moment, or even see that photo... Me in pants and B in skirt. Exactly then a car with a man behind the wheel passed by. Probably he thought that we were insane. But... we were only happy.

Good night.


Feronia said...

I love memories like this one!

Pina said...

Me too. :)