Thursday, March 17, 2011

Guerrilla gardening

I have noticed on my walks through the city that some spots are rather neglected and covered by weeds, so for some years now I've had an idea to sow some flower seeds on such spots, and make them look nicer. Yesterday I bought a big package of flower seeds, so that I will be able to go on my mission this spring. The label says Japanischer Blumenteppich but if you look at the picture on this label, the flowers are not Japanese at all. Californian Poppy, Cornflower and Calendula are not very Japanese, right? I love blue color of the Cornflowers, so much more when they grow in the fields. Although since most of the fields are sprayed with herbicides and similar poisons, not many Cornflowers can be noticed there anymore. A pity.

Yesterday I brought home some more packages of seeds. I just couldn't resist. :) I wasn't able to get garlic for planting, so I will have to look for it in some other shops. The garden season will finally start next week when it stops raining and the soil will be hopefully dried. Come, Spring! :)

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