Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Today, you are inclined to use your mind for leisure pursuits, such as reading for amusement, going to an art exhibit or concert or chatting with friends. Even though these activities seem somewhat trivial, they are an important part of your life, because they give you a chance to rest between heavier concerns.

~ Transit in my astro chart for tomorrow ~

I could not better describe what I've been doing lately in my life. Well, if doing almost nothing and reading is an amusement. Each day before going to bed I read a few pages of Thirteen moons by Charles Frazier. I bought the book some time ago and it was left on a shelf until recently, when I read Cold Mountain by the same author. I like his kind of writing. When the story gets boring, he changes tracks. Exactly the way our lives should be. Although we sometimes simply forget that.

I have to admit that I am waiting for spring to come. This doesn't mean that I don't do anything at all but life has somehow slowed down. And I like it. I am a bit lazy writing posts for my blog, I am sure you have noticed that. Don't worry, I am sure I will have lots to share in the next few months. After all, it is time when we make plans for planting and sowing, for cleaning and renovating, for changing winter coats and sweaters for summer skirts and dresses. Oh, I am so much looking forward to the months to come!

P.s.: On the photo it is me with my mom on Shrove Tuesday. :)

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