Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Shrove Tuesday

I started to sew my Carnival costume but ended up wearing a simple mask. I have no idea why people don't wear masks and costumes anymore on Shrove Tuesday. No wonder that winter lasts so long. :)

Well, if you kept wondering where I was... Previous week I was lying in bed, most of the time. Thursday before it was sunny but chilly outside, after some time of cloudy weather. So, of course I went for a long walk that afternoon, and two hours after coming home I went to bed with fever. It lasted until last Friday. I hope that winter is saying farewell to this land, I started to miss green leaves and warmth. Actually nothing much happened these days, staying at home and somehow trying to get better takes a lot of energy. I am slowly starting to live my normal life, it seemed to me that I was hibernating last week. And made lots of plans for this spring! :)


Feronia said...

Hope you feel much better soon, Pina :)

Mojca said...

"And made lots of plans for this spring! :)"
Like, a lot!

Piščanček said...

Čestitam za DOPPS-ovo zmago!!!

Maska je 1A!