Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My home

More and more I think what I love most about my home, less I know what it really is. I was inspired to ask myself this question by Design Sponge blog which reveals different homes around the globe and stories about these homes. My home is still not what I want it to be but sure I am on the right path towards cozy place for me and my loved ones. Though, I always like coming back home, no matter how messed up it is.Photos: © Design Sponge

So, I ask you these two questions: What do you love most about your home? and What is your favorite thing to do at home? You can post your answers on your blog if you wish (preferably with photos, of course :))

I wonder what your answers will be. And I will answer them as soon as my home is back to normal. Hopefully this will happen soon.


Piščanček said...

Najlepše pri "mojem" domu je, da ga imam in si ga delim z nekom, ki ga imam rada :-) Težko bi izpostavila kakšen predmet, a če že moram, pa naj bo črtast tepih :-) ki je včasih jedilna miza, klubska mizica, delovni pult, igrišče, ležišče...

Najljubše "početje"? Hihihi, res super filing je na sušilo obešati gate in brisače :-) mrbit tudi zato, ker ti kosi pri meni definitivno ne terjajo obdelave z likalnikom :-)
Fino je sredi dnevne sobe opazovati gostujoče gledališče klik in poskrbeti, da kaj zadiši... Čeravno ne najbolj lepo klik, glavno da je okus aminjami klik

Pina said...


Victoria said...

I would love to share photos with you, but if I wait to do that then I'll be waiting for a long time! I love the brightness of our home - lots of windows facing towards the sun meaning there is not a dark room in the house. In winter, lots of candles add that extra sparkle.

The smell, I always have scented candles, oil burners, pleasant citrusy smells generally.

A certain cosiness, a warmness that others too comment on, but I think it's lots of elements, the prints on the walls, the plump cushions on the sofa, family photos on the shelves and our favourite books, music playing on the stereo.

There's still a lot I'd like to tinker with though - I wonder if a home ever feels finished?