Friday, April 8, 2011

A sparrow

What is that?

Yesterday at the funeral priest said: "Forgive us, M. because we didn't hear you."

Don't forget to love your parents, children, people who love you. Listen to them because they have stories to tell. Listen to them because sometimes they just need a hug, just a little attention. And talk, talk to each other, or write your thoughts down on a piece of paper if you can't have a conversation. But most of all, listen with an open mind and soul, hear what people you love are telling you.


Emily said...

Beautifully put, Pina, and so true.

Emily said...

I just saw the link to "What is that?" - so very lovely. Thank you, Pina :)

Pina said...

It is a wonderful short movie, isn't it? Too often we forget to love people around us, being polite to total strangers but never saying any nice words of praise and support to those who live with us. So wrong... Older I get, more often I see all this, sometimes unfortunately too late.

Feronia said...

The good thing is to see it, Pina, no matter how old you are. Some people never see it at all :)