Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I don't remember when I'd met her first time but she remembered me the second time we met. She always looked melancholic, she never laughed, her smile remembered me of Mona Lisa's. She never talked loudly, she rarely spoke at all. A little more that two weeks ago we spent a day together on a trip to the coast. She was my colleague's girlfriend. Two days ago, before the night fell, she lay down on the railroad tracks and waited for the train to come. She was 27, tomorrow is her funeral. It is not easy to end your life, but it is much more difficult to live on and face what life has to bring. So many deaths have come into my life recently that I fear what future holds. I wish these hard times in my life would be over. I often think of Amanda Soule when life gets really rough. Her words and deeds are always so comforting, and at the end I still believe that life is good. Because deeply inside me I know it is.


Emily said...

That is so very, very sad. You're absolutely right, Pina - the hardest thing of all is living, keeping going each day. But it is also ultimately the most rewarding thing. How tragic that this young woman could not see that.

Victoria said...

Oh my, to be so lonely and so dreadfully alone, I am glad I cannot imagine.