Tuesday, May 3, 2011

1000 kilometers away

There was another world so far away. Poor world with friendly people. I liked: Golem Grad (an island with many snakes, some ruins and wild flora), Arabati Baba Teḱe (place where dervish Abdulah told us things about how we should live our lives) and all those Roman ruins that we found on our way. I wouldn't like to live there. Being so far away, in the Republic of Macedonia, thoughts about our life in ex-Yugoslavia came up to my mind. I don't remember Slovenia being so poor, so untidy, so confusing. But it is good to go away for some time because you can cherish your home so much more.

So. Food was caloric:

We had snow and walked 12 hours (Šarplanina):

We visited too many monasteries and churches, Islamic ones, too. :

Arabati Baba Teke:

Ohrid by night:

Village Konjsko, at the end of the world, that I also liked (there were such positive vibrations in this almost empty village):

Means of transportation:

Lots of cows, sheep and shepherds:

And a beautiful landscape that reminded me of my past travels:

Have a wonderful week!


Mojca said...

Zelo lepe fotke!

Emily said...

Looks fascinating!