Friday, May 27, 2011


It is time to gather herbs. I mentioned that I brought home some linden blossoms on Wednesday. I placed them on a clean white paper to dry. Ž brought home elderberry blossoms, and they are almost dry. We will use these dried herbs later from autumn until spring for herbal teas. Linden and elderberry teas are good when having cold because they stimulate sweating. Also good for health is honey. I received one glass of it yesterday, produced by bees and my dad, as the label says. Honey made with some help from lice, too.I have also become a keeper of the bees until a queen bee is hatched in this little beehive on the picture. One more wish on my list is to be a real beekeeper one day, like my dad is. Maybe that day when I live somewhere else, in a place with meadows, not only poisoned fields.

Karma for today: Keep a record of good things that happen.


paperseed said...

My husband was stung on the face by a bee about a week ago. Turns out there is a bee colony living in our birdhouse by the shed. On one hand, we don't want to harm the bees since they are so endangered right now, and do such great work in our garden, but on the other hand, we don't want Chloe or the dog to get stung while playing in the yard. I think we're going to try to knock the birdhouse down and see if they'll find another home, hopefully farther away. It's a hard decision, though.

Pina said...

I suggest you call a beekeeper; he will remove the colony from the birdhouse and I am sure he will be grateful for your call.

My dad lost one of the colonies the other day. The bees were too high on a tree, so he couldn't get them.