Thursday, May 26, 2011

Vipava valley

My grandmother was born in Vipava valley, in a village called Orehovica. Indeed, as its name suggests, there are many walnut trees in the village itself and around it. Yesterday I took grandmom and mom to this village, so that we could finally see where she had spent her youth. It wasn't a happy youth because her mother died when my grandmom was 12. Her dad had married another woman who didn't like children. Children without their real mom had to work hard and so my grandmom left her home and this valley just a few years later.Yesterday we visited our relatives, ate cherries, saw beautiful places, picked linden blossoms for tea from the tree next to an old castle, supposedly build by my "blue-blooded" ancestors centuries ago. I had a good time, my mom obviously, too, as she later told me that it was nice to travel with me. I got used to traveling. I like driving and I like stopping at most unusual places sometimes. Maybe there's just a beautiful flower to be observed, and believe me that it is usually worth to stop and admire it. I haven't taken many photos, so I have just a few to share. I hope that we will go on such trip again soon. The next one on a schedule is a trip to the seaside sometimes in summer but perhaps we could stop in Vipava valley on our way back home that day, too...

Karma for today: Celebrate each day with a good deed.

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