Thursday, May 19, 2011

In and around home

Oh, how I love spring! I spend most of the afternoons outside, still trying to put things in order around the house. I've planted flowers and put them on the window shelves and I keep fighting a battle with the weeds on the garden beds. I never manage to grow salad, usually slugs eat it before it gets big enough. Below on the picture is our spring "snow", falling down from the willow trees. I hope it will stop "snowing" soon, the house is full of it. And my nose as well... What's new in my home? Nothing really, except that ants that obviously live below the floor, are having some big event today... I don't like this idea but it is time to get rid of them.Some time ago I made myself a new hat. It is too big. Well, in time I will learn how to sew a proper hat, big enough for my head but until then I will buy them in a shop. It is much cheaper and it saves the nerves. Yesterday I was daydreaming again... sooner or later my home will have to get some colors on its walls. But it is a hard decision for someone like me, a procrastinator, to decide on a color. First there were greens, now there are pinks. What a change!I just have to keep reminding myself that nothing is for good and that I can change the colors whenever I want to. Right? :)

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