Friday, May 20, 2011

Photo album

When my grandmother died she left an album with photos from her youth behind. It was meant that my brother would have inherited it but my aunt had taken it and kept it for years. This spring I visited her and asked her to lend me the album. And she did. I showed you some photos from it already, and this week I received a photoalbum with all youth photos of my grandmother in it. I had it made for my dad's birthday. I really liked the album myself, and it was so much more precious when I saw tears in my dad's eyes when he took it in his arms. I wonder today what kind of person my grandmother really was. I was too young to ask her questions about herself when she was still alive. And I guess she even wouldn't reveal the secrets of her life. She doesn't look very happy on these photos, rather mysterious.This weekend I will be probably counting birds at night again. It is a beautiful spring, and I can't resist to take another photo of the meadows I pass by on my drive to work each morning. At least until the grasses don't fall... It will be also time to find some elderberry bushes and pick their blossoms for tea. Linden will also be in bloom soon... Have a nice weekend!

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