Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Vegetable garden

So, here's another promise to be fulfilled, to a friend I have never met in person. Let's look at my vegetable garden today, let me show you what I grow there this season.

Carrots: Red basil: Chives: Salad (chicory): Paprika: Cabbage: Peanuts: Peas: Raspberries: Chervil:Parsnips:Beetroots:

And lots of weeds, of course. :) There are still more sorts of vegetable growing in the garden but some of the plants are still very small, and I might show them to you when there will be something to show at all.

So, if we are not flooded again, there will be lots of delicious food in summer and later in autumn. I rejoice at this already.

Karma for today: Share often and much.


paperseed said...

Wonderful! Either you have quite a bit of space for gardening, or you know how to fit a lot in the same patch. The paprika plant was particularly interesting - I only know it as a red spice in a jar, bought at the market. I hope it doesn't flood again!

Pina said...

It is a big garden... I share a lot. :)