Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Apart from that

It's been cold lately, and it's been quite peaceful here in "my" world. It is pleasant to read other blogs but I can't share much here on mine. My life seems so void compared to others'. Though, I do find comfort in some of your blogs when life becomes rather boring. How boring can the family reunions be? This weekend I met Ž's relatives. Usually I meet so many people at once that I forget their names and who belongs to who. They know my name and who I am but I can hardly remember when and where I had met them before. This time there were mostly older people present, and it was interesting to observe what they achieved in their lives, and how they live from day to day. I spoke to Ž's aunt who has paralysis but is still very creative. I forgot to take a photo of her present but she made a lace silhouette of a hunter, and framed it. Wonderful! Though, most people there didn't notice this masterpiece. They are either too plain to cherish such things or they have other interests that fulfill them.

Well then, it might be so, that rainy days are good for meeting people. :) And I haven't baked those cookies in the photo, I just ate some of them. Delicious, and a masterpiece of its own!

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