Thursday, July 28, 2011


Lately I've been traveling a lot. By help of the Google Earth. :) I visited some places that I would love to visit again. One of them is Fort Laramie, a small town in Wyoming. When I planned the travel route back in 2001, I never thought of staying so much time in Wyoming, USA. Well, after all, Crazy Horse never knew borders and boundaries. I followed his path then. Though, these days there are so many fences and the land is a private property, which is a bit sad. It feels like there is no more freedom in the world. I'm seeing more and more fences in Slovenia, too.

So, this is the map of Fort Laramie: It doesn't look very attractive. But when you take that little man in the upper right corner for a walk, you see this: And a little bit closer:A store with treasures in it. Fort Laramie Frontier Trading Post. I haven't seen any other stores like this one before or after. It was like being back in the 19th century when I was browsing through all those wonderful things in it. Only those beautiful people with long black hair were missing...

Some of you can see your own homes in 3-D using Google Earth (I admit, I was standing in front of some of them, too). Though, you won't be able to see mine because Slovenians still love freedom and privacy. Sometimes even our officials are doing their work properly.

Enjoy your travels!


Feronia said...

Google Earth is amazing - I've found our house on it and it's like a little time capsule - taken before the fence was fixed, before we painted the windowsills etc., etc.

Pina said...

So, Emily, you've done a good job since the last pics of your home were taken. :)