Friday, July 15, 2011

At home

The sky is dark today and it got a lot colder. I already miss the heat of the previous days. I love summer. People are whining over the heat but I enjoy in each hot day that there is. I hope there will be some more soon. Summer is so short, too short in my opinion. I try to spend some afternoon hours in my garden but this seems to be an impossible mission since there are so many mosquitoes and horseflies living in our "moorland". As the wind was blowing yesterday in the afternoon, it obviously blew away those little stingy animals, so that I could cut some echinacea blossoms. This is the essential plant for my winter herbal teas. They are hanging upside down to dry, then I will cut them into small pieces and store them for winter. The tomatoes that I grow in the pots are ripening, and I see my neighbors checking on them regularly. I wonder what's so special about them. So, lots is happening around the house these days, without much help from me. And I like it this way.


Feronia said...

Aren't echinacea flowers beautiful!

Pina said...

They are!