Monday, July 18, 2011


When my friends don't have time for me, when my loved one is not at home, when my parents are running the errands at home, and when I need some company then I sit behind the wheel of my car and drive to my grandmom's ranch. She spends summer days there. Since my granddad is not with us anymore she's been lonely, and lost the will to live. Now she thinks she's old. She lost the reason to live.It was a pleasant day yesterday, it was time to rest and talk. About what there is and about what there was. We stored the onions, cleaned the shelves in the cellar and went for a walk. We made plans for the near future - hopefully one day we will drive to the seaside; she hasn't seen the sea for more than 15 years because my granddad didn't like it.

It always amazes me how we are sometimes setting the unnecessary limits to ourselves because of other people. Often people ask me when I am in the mountains why I am alone. Oh, people, I can't wait for others to take their time for going somewhere, life is just too short! And I prefer walking alone anyway. People often hurry to get to the top, and then they rush down home. What is chasing them?

Tomorrow is another special day in my life. I won't spend it behind the screen. I never do. I hope it will be a good one for you, too.


Emily said...

You're so lucky Pina that you still have your Grandma around to spend time with! Is tomorrow your birthday? If so, many happy returns to you!

Pina said...

Thank you, Emily. :)
Yes, I know that I am lucky to have my grandmom around, she is the only one left of all my grandparents. They were all "shapers" of my life, one pair "the good ones", the other pair "the bad ones".