Friday, July 1, 2011

Mountain pastures

I keep coming to these mountain meadows every year. My grandmom used to spend her holidays on this mountain pasture when she was young. The other day I found one of her photos with a goat in her lap that was taken on this pasture: It was a pleasant day on Wednesday, I was almost alone up there. I couldn't wish for more. Alpine flowers are beginning to bloom and I had to stop so many times to touch, smell, admire them. Of course I needed more time to get up that mountain than it is written on a sign but who cares! There's so much to see on the path, and I had to look down on neighbors' (Austrian) side, too: For the end I ate (too) large bowl of sour milk. Delicious! There are plans to stand up on some more mountains this summer, mountains that have been waiting for me for years. Of course they are steeper than these pleasant meadows but I am sure there are plenty alpine flowers among the rocks, so there's no time to wait much longer, is it? :)

Have a nice weekend!


Emily said...

Looks beautiful, Pina! I have had some lovely walks in Norway recently too but in completely different scenery!

Pina said...

Welcome back, Emily, I can hardly wait to read about your travels. :)