Monday, August 29, 2011


I read in a newspaper that my aunt would be dancing too. Then I read a few more pages of Kate Mosse's Tomb, and a few minutes before noon drove to the city center. I was surprised because it was so alive there. Lots of booths with all sorts of things, and lots of people. And music! I didn't see her dance, this aunt of mine, but I felt the passion of the music when other girls were dancing. I just wonder: where were all the men? Then I noticed her. One of the women was especially beautiful, so natural, so true. And she was dancing most passionately of them all, like if telling others: just relax, steps don't matter so much. She was the only one wearing yellow rope shoes and wearing light summer dress. Real passion, I tell you.


Feronia said...

I love the passion within dancing, any type of dancing. An expression of the soul.

Pina said...

I noticed that most of those women dancing were watching their steps instead of really dancing passionately. It was quite different the other day when I coincidently came across salsa dancers. For those I could say, as you wrote Emily, that I felt the expressions of their souls.