Thursday, August 25, 2011

2864 m

When I talk to people and tell them that I like climbing mountains they always ask me if I was on the top of Triglav, Slovenian highest mountain. Today I can tell them that I was. I have never understood why it was so important to stand on top of Triglav. There are so many more beautiful mountains to climb, so many beautiful spots in our country to visit. While walking on the path to the top of this famous Slovenian mountain this Tuesday I realized that most people who had asked me this question never climb the mountains. The only mountain they climbed (or wished to climb) was Triglav. Today I know that almost everybody can stand on top of our highest mountain if one goes slowly and is not afraid of heights. The path is very steep but well secured. All you need is a firm grip and a secure step. I saw fear in people’s eyes, I heard them talking about falling down the steep cliffs but all of them safely arrived back to the hut. At least this Tuesday they did. I have no wish to go up this mountain anymore. This doesn’t mean that I won’t go there again. The path is absolutely too crowded, rocks are too slippery and there’s not much fun hanging on the wires all the time. Hopefully I will visit friendlier and not so crowded places next time. Although those girls in the hut made me feel like being their childhood friend. It felt good, it felt like being home.
Today I am tired but happy. I came home safely, and Ž was so proud of me being on Triglav all by myself. This is what counts, making other people happy. I forgot my mobile phone at home, so I couldn't call anybody I know for two days. These were two days of a solitude in certain way. A time for myself. Fear and happiness at the same time.


Anonymous said...

Zelo lepe fotke. Ampak še bolj kot to, da si bila na vrhu, občudujem to, da si šla sama in brez telefona. Jaz brez telefona še na wc ne znam več. Sem se malo zamislila nad sabo.

Feronia said...

Well done! I love your photos - they remind me so much of when we went hiking in Austria.

Pina said...

V hribih je itak tako, da velikokrat ni signala, in je včasih vseeno, če nimaš telefona sabo. No ja, lažje te sicer najdejo, če kam padeš... ;)

Thanks, Emily. Austrian mountains are much more extensive/bigger than Slovenian ones. I keep finding out that this is "my" world, a place where I feel good. :)

Feronia said...

That's the place to be, Pina! :)

paperseed said...

Another good example that bigger (or taller) is not always better, although you have lovely photos to show for your trip. And I'm not sure I agree that "this is what counts, making other people happy" unless it is truly what makes you happy too.