Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Garden season

During the summer season we eat lots of vegetables. Because there is plenty of them in our garden. The vegetable beds look rather crowded and chaotic compared to my neighbors' but I found out that I grow more varieties of vegetables than other people. This is one third of the whole vegetable garden: Different sorts of cabbage and kale: Mangold: Chinese cabbage (at least I think it is): Leek: Our first eggplant this season. I planted them (too) late: Two sorts of basil and kohlrabi: Parsley (I need to freeze some for winter): Paprikas: Turnip and black radish (I don't know if this is correct translation but this is how we call it here): Chicory (Ž will have to eat it, I don't like its bitterness): Dill (bees love it): Pumpkin (I forgot what sort):There's much more to show; but maybe some other time. I visit the garden very often to admire the results of my hard work in spring. It was worth it.

So, after three days at home admiring the garden and resting on a shore of a creek (counting dragonflies, fish and birds), I decided to go on a short vacation. A few days in the mountains and a day or two at the beach. I am looking forward to these free days before the rains cool our land again. It usually does in the last week of August. And you know, it is fig time! Yum!

Have a good time while I am away! :)


Kačja pastirica said...

Uau, čudovito izgleda vse skupaj. S takega vrta bi bilo čudovito zaužiti vse te vitamine.

Feronia said...

Oooh, those figs! Yum!! Enjoy your time away, Pina :)

paperseed said...

Pina, your garden is a wonder. And Figs - yum! They don't seem to be as popular here as they are in Europe, so they are available for such a short time. I often think we should plant a fig tree, but I'm afraid of the rotted fruit on the ground and extra insects. Love your new masthead photo too. Those drops are so pretty!