Monday, August 8, 2011

It feels like autumn

These days I've been:

:: admiring a sunflower in my garden. One and only this summer. The sunflowers used to be my favorite flowers 15 years ago, and I had a wedding bouquet made of them.

:: discovering the cultural legacy of my country. Lots of castles in Slovenia had been burned during the WW2, and lots of furniture and other treasures had been stolen and never given back. I still wonder what kind of people those men were. Like sheep following the shepherd.

:: walking in the woods, searching for mushrooms. I usually don't eat them but it is fun picking them. There was no real luck this time, only poisonous ones were on my path. A dying mole and an empty cocoon, too.

I wish we had some more hot summer days this year. It feels like the summer is over, and this makes me sad. Although there are more interesting news that are waiting to be written down and shared. Just wait until the autumn!

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Feronia said...

The sunflowers are lovely, and the mushrooms too.