Thursday, August 4, 2011

Date with a Roman

Every first Wednesday in month (during the warmer months of a year) the City Museum of Ljubljana organizes guided tours around Emona, the Roman settlement which was standing in the area where a part of the Ljubljana's city center is today. There were more than 50 people waiting in front of the museum when arrived there. A lovely young lady was our tour guide, and I have to say that I was amazed at her knowledge. She was talking fast and without any interruptions for two hours. We walked from one site to another. Most of the ruins are buried below the buildings or they were even destroyed, mostly after the WW2. A pity. Although Romans are not our ancestors (so the scientists say) I admire them for their knowledge. They had central heating (floor and walls were hot):They were exceptionally clean (they bathed almost every day and had the sewerage system in the whole settlement which is, after 2000 years, in some places still used today for different kinds of installations and wiring) :They had sense for beautiful things and good food: Next time I will borrow the audio guide around ancient Emona, and go on a tour by myself. It will probably take me more than just two hours. :)


Bodecea said...

I really enjoy your blog and hope I will have the chance to visit slovenia one day!


Feronia said...

Incredible. We saw some amazing Roman sites in Cologne but this really looks like something! Would love to visit one day.

Pina said...

:) You should both come to Slovenia in spring or summer, I think these are the best times to visit Ljubljana as well. It is not too crowded (students go home) and lots is happening in the streets.