Thursday, September 1, 2011


Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life.

~ Rachel Carson (this quote is from the Soule Mama's book The Rhythm of Family)

I have already mentioned that my granddad (dad's father) loved going to the mountains. Two weeks ago I was wandering around the paths he liked most of all. I visited Korošica (a mountain pasture) for the first time a few years ago with Ž. I don't know why I felt so sad there that day. This time I had the best time in the mountains this year. I stayed up there two days, slept in a mountain hut where my granddad used to sleep, and wondered what was a reason that he named his house after this mountain pasture - Korošica. So, this is the mountain hut I found shelter in: It was cozy in my "apartment" on a first floor. Main purpose of my visit of Korošica was actually to climb another mountain - Planjava (2394 m) near by. I watch it from my bathroom window on every clear day. Last year snow fell too early, so it had to wait until this summer for me. It was steep at some places and in my opinion rather dangerous. I wished that I was not alone at those moments. I met six people on my way, and one of them was a man about my age who caught me taking photos of the Alpine flowers. We said hello (it is custom in the mountains to do so but I keep noticing that lots of foreigners don't greet you passing by) and when he thought that I was not watching him, he smiled at this. He was already on his way when he turned and asked me some more questions. One of them was if I was going his way. Then I had to smile. So, "my" mountain on this photo is on the left: And on top of it there was a big cloud. :(Next day I climbed another mountain called Lučki dedec: I obviously took the most dangerous path of them all. Oh, how I wished that Ž was with me then! In spite of fear I admired the Alpine flowers, my favorite ones, spotted the Rock Ptarmigan, a rare bird to see, and kept saying ah! and oh! all the time. Later on my way back I stopped at a jewel that not many people know of, I would say. A little lake with a hut on its shore. I was astonished at what I saw. It was so peaceful there. There are so many beautiful spots in our mountains that I still don't understand why people keep rushing to the top of Triglav. Is it really so important to be up there? I don't think so. Hopefully I will return to this lake and Korošica again, there's so much more to explore and see, and there are so many unknown paths to walk on. Even if they don't lead on top of any mountain.


Mojca said...

Lepo. Še bolj sem pa vesela, da si se vrnila živa in zdrava :)

Pina said...

Jaz tudi! :)

Kačja pastirica said...

Uau, prečudovito. Gore so trenutno edina stvar, ki jo pogrešam. K sreči bodo še vedno stale na svojem mestu čez nekaj let :)

paperseed said...

Wow, Pina. You are so brave. And you take nice pictures!

Pina said...

Ja, gore bodo še vedno stale, samo včasih me je strah, da jaz ne bom več mogla gor.

Thanks, Emily. It is easy to take nice pictures (even with shaky hands) if the scenery is so beautiful. :)