Friday, September 2, 2011

Autumn on its way

Farewell summer already? I hope not. I will miss it a lot. It was such a happy summer, although I can't really say why. Life slowed down a little bit, maybe that's why I felt so happy. I made a little vacation of my summer days by resting, reading, admiring the plants in my garden. And most of all, not doing much housework at all. Only that what was really necessary. I spent two days at the seaside this summer. I will have to do something about this next year. At least double the number of such days. :) Once I took my grandmom and mom there; grandmom hasn't seen the sea for more than 30 years because granddad didn't like it. In a way she was disappointed when we came to a beach because in her opinion the water was not warm enough (although one of its highest temperatures this year was measured that day). At least the food was good.

These days I help my colleague at bird ringing. Mostly our catch are the Barn Swallows. Yesterday we hit a record - more than 500 were lying in the nets. We ringed more than 300 of them, and another colleague ringed the rest. We went home at 1 a.m.

Just imagine how far these swallows will have to travel in the next few weeks to reach their winter habitats. And then they will have to fly all the way back from the south of Africa, over the deserts and the sea. It is estimated that of those 500 caught yesterday only 100 will return next spring. Happy journey, I say to each one I set free, and do come back next year.

But let me enjoy this summer now as long as it still lasts. Happy weekend!

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Cathy at PotterJotter said...

Hmmm. Your summer sounds like the one I would like to have had if I hadn't been so busy! Will do better next year.